Blood and Water Ending Explained: How Did This African Original Netflix Series End, Is Season 2 Coming Soon?

blood and water ending explained

Netflix is on song with its highly entertaining releases in May 2020 including Sweet Magnolias. ‘Blood and Water’ Season 1 was released after lot of buzz building up around it on the 20th of May 2020. ‘Blood and Water’ on Netflix South Africa revolves around the lives of teenage students from a posh, elite private school in Cape Town. With grave comparisons to ‘Elite’ and the popular series ‘Gossip Girl’, encouraging reviews about the opening season of ‘Blood and Water’ has ignited the excitement around the prospects of ‘Blood and Water’ Season 2. There is a lot of chatter around the ending of Blood and Water Season 1 which contained six episodes with approximately six hours of content in total.

‘Blood and Water’ Ending Explained – What Are Unanswered Questions and Expected Twists in Season 2?

<<Spoiler alert>>

For those who watched Blood and Water Season 1, Puleng Khumalo’s character should be familiar information. Puleng is a 16 year old teen who transfers to the elite school called Parkhust College. The plot around season 1 revolves around the fact if Fikele aka “Fiks” is Puleng’s biological elder sister or not. Fikele was apparently kidnapped shortly after her birth from the hospital.

The story flows along the ebbs and tides of the elitist cast of Cape Town and how families face ordeals which are very different from the lives of the common section of the society. While Puleng continues her quest to resolve her doubt, Fikele finds out that Puleng is stalking her and there is an unwarranted temper escalation in the season finale.

Fikele is in an affair with Chad, her swimming coach which comes out in the open. Things turn awry soon after the expose. In the final episode of Blood and Water, an awkward confrontation occurs which involves Puleng’s boyfriend KB’s dad’s friends – Fikele’s mom and Fikele herself. Fikele awkwardly quotes that Puleng’s father has child trafficking allegations against him for trading his own daughter at birth. Puleng walks out abruptly, which leads to an intimate moment between KB and Fikele after an intense conversation.

KB and Puleng sort things out eventually and express their love for each other. Puleng’s father’s child trafficking trial takes center stage. Puleng’s father enlisted a baby in the adoption agency which was linked to KB’s father. This throws light on the child trafficking issue at stake. Eventually, Fikile reveals that Puleng’s shading stalking is known to her and at this point Puleng confesses that Fikile is her actual biological sister.

blood and water season 2 release date

‘Blood and Water’ Season 2 – What to Expect?

As the Season 1 of Blood Water ended on a chilling note, the season 2 will take a year or more to return with the continued plot. In Season 2, Fikile and Puleng will eventually get along and look forward to the future where the truth is known to everyone around them including KB. Apart from the sister saga, the plot will also throw light on how Puleng’s father managed to traffic his own daughter at birth. The real reasons behind this dark, inhumane crime will also come to light and the mystery around the whole reason of it doesn’t look fine. Is there a deeper twist to the crime at stake? Let us wait for Blood and Water Season 2 to find out.


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