BitGo gains access to Digital Securities World through acquisition of Harbor


Digital custody company BitGo recently unveiled the purchase of Harbor, an online platform for digitized securities.

“Our vision has always been greater than portfolios and safekeeping,” said BitGo CEO Mike Belshe in a February. 18 statement provided. “Acquiring Harbor promotes BitGo’s vision of building a new digital infrastructure for financial services.”

The Harbor website also promotes the acquisition in a banner at the top of the home page.

Retrieving Harbor also means that BitGo gains control of the platform’s subsidiaries, including brokers and transfer entities. BitGo has also recently gained control of the crypto-expanding infrastructure company Hedge.

In general, BitGo reportedly processes more than 20% of the Bitcoin movements in the world.

Before the acquisition, BitGo had been working with Harbor since the start of the digital securities platform, Harbor CEO Josh Stein said in the statement.

“We have worked closely together to integrate BitGo Business Wallets and BitGo Custody into the services of Harbor,” Stein said and added:

“Harbor offers BitGo an additional technology stack for the digital security lifecycle, as well as major service options through our broker-dealer of digital assets and subsidiary agents of transfer agents.”

Harbor, built in 2017, was the first blockchain company to receive the FINRA broker-dealer registration in combination with SEC licenses as an entity for the transfer of digital assets, according to the BitGo statement.

BitGo also continues to develop its portfolio offering as the company announced retention support for Tron and EOS in the last half of 2019.

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