Bitcoin mixers are experiencing a surge of interest in


The Whirlpool bitcoin mixer registered unprecedented user activity and processed bitcoins for more than $ 10 million in one month in March.

March activity was a whopping 40% of the total transaction volume since the service launched in May 2019. It is worth noting that since the beginning of this year, the service has consistently set new records for the number of bitcoins processed each month and March was no exception.

A record of 356.65 BTC was set in January, followed by February with 529.05 BTC and a further 1523.45 BTC was mixed in March. Apparently another record is expected this month, as 1020.80 BTC is already mixed in the first 11 days.

The increase in the volume of the Whirlpool service is taking place against the background of stricter rules from governments seeking to eradicate the privacy of crypto transactions.


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