Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange releases debit card


Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange has issued a Binance Card debit card issued by Visa. The map will be tested in Malaysia in April before being released in various jurisdictions, which will be announced later.

Like most other crypto cards, the Binance card allows you to pay for daily purchases with cryptocurrencies. The card’s internal balance is in Binance Coin (BNB) and Bitcoins (BTC).

“Users can deposit BNB and BTC to the card directly from their wallet or from any other crypto wallet,” – Bin Good Card Development Director Josh Goodbody said.

During the card’s testing period, the main currency for payment is the US dollar. This means that customers outside the United States may have to pay currency costs. But over the year, Binance promises to gradually add support for other fiat currencies.

A card order costs $ 15 and Binance guarantees that there will be no monthly or annual service fees. The card is linked to a mobile application that allows you to manage your account, deposit funds, view transaction history and change the card’s PIN.


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