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Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Voting Results – Who Will Be Eliminated this Week? Vote Now!


Bigg Boss Telugu 4 ha surely begun with a bang and the audience cannot wait to see how this season unfolds. During the week the contestants dazzle you with their fights, drama and fun and come the weekend we have Nagarjuna wooing us with his charisma and drilling the contestants for their behavior.

This season is slightly different with its new concept of a neighbor house which will add to the intensity of the show in the coming weeks. Every Monday we will set foot to bid adieu to one of our favorite contestants. But this is the game and they are all in it to win. The process of attachment and detachment will affect their mental status over time and once it does the consequences are what make the game worth it. It is after all survival of the fittest. Nominations took place this Monday and the first elimination is set to happen this week for this season of Bigg Boss Telugu.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Nominations List Week 1

  • Surya Kiran
  • Sujatha
  • Mehabob
  • Abhijeet
  • Akhil
  • Sarthak
  • Divya
  • Gangavva

What Led to the Nomination?

The first elimination task of the season sets the mood for what we will see in the coming weeks and who will be on whose side. The first elimination task saw the contestants close the window on the face of two contestants who they want to nominate for the week. Every contestant is then given a chance to answer a question on a chit which they will pick.

Surya Kiran comes to the forefront to reveal that his mother was kept in the dark about his vices as he would constant engage in lying to her. He went on record to say that we should always try to talk to those who we have been craving to talk to. Next is Monal who gives us a glimpse into her ancestral home. She gets emotional sharing details about her family reunions.

While consoling her leads to a small argument between Abhijeet and Surya Kiran. Gangavva goes on to say that hearing Monal get emotional about her parents makes her miss her own parents. Hardly do any of them realise that Monal has taken offence on not being able to wholly commit to her emotions and call that moment her own.

Mehaboob bursts into tears as he acknowledges the fact that if he has only one day left to live he would want to spend every spare minute with her parents. Syed calls the main house and Sujatha picks the call thinking it is a task. Syed asks for food and essentials but this sows a doubt in Noel’s mind who suspects this wasn’t Bigg Boss who gave the task. This leads to yet another argument between Karate Kalyani and Sujatha. The escalated argument makes Sujatha emotional.

Procedure for Voting Online For Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Eliminations

While the audience has been eagerly awaiting as to how to vote for their favorite contestant. We bring to you the format of voting. Follow the next few simple steps to save your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant. The most efficient way to vote for your favourite contestant is through Google.

Follow the next few steps:

  • Sign in into your Google account and type into your search engine for Bigg Boss Telugu Vote
  • You could even try Bigg Boss Vote. Post search, click on the contestants name you want to save.
  • You are given the option to select the number of votes you wish to give a contestant. Each contestant is allowed a maximum of 10 votes per audience.
  • Click on Submit Votes have been submitted to the vote bank at Star Maa TV


Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Week 1
Surya Kiran
Akhil Sarthak

Missed call Numbers To Save Your Favourite Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant

To save your favorite Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Contestant from elimination give a missed call to the following numbers as listed below:

Surya Kiran- 888 66 58 202

Sujatha- 888 66 58 206

Mehabob- 888 66 58 206

Abhijeet- 888 66 58 204

Akhil Sarthak- 888 66 58 215

Divya- 888 66 58 214

Gangavva- 888 66 58 216



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