Bigg Boss Tamil season 5 Vote: Six contestants nominated for elimination in 8th Week of BB5 Tamil

BB5 Tamil vote results

It is known that the Bigg Boss show will have a nomination for elimination on Monday every week in which each contestant will nominate two. It is noteworthy that a total of 6 people were nominated in that category at yesterday’s event and those six are Priyanka, Thamarai, Niroop, Imaan, Bhavani and Iykki Berry.

In this case, we will now look at the two who each nominated.

  • Nirup nominated two – Tamarai, Varun
  • The two nominees by Tamarai – Pavani and Priyanka
  • Pavani nominated two – Tamarai, Raju
  • Two nominees for Ikky Berry – Cibi, Pavani
  • Two Raju Nominees – Priyanka and Ikky Berry
  • Two nominated by Abhishek – Imaan, Tamara
  • Iman nominated these two – Priyanka, Pavani
  • Varun nominated two – Nirup and Priyanka
  • Priyanka nominated two – Tamarai, Akshara
  • Cibi Nominees – Nirup, Ikky Berry
  • Akshara nominated two – Priyanka, Nirup
  • Abhinay nominated two – Imaan, Tamarai

Voting lines for elimination will be opened till Saturday morning 12am 27th November, 2021. Voting can be done in Disney+ Hotstar app.


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