Bigg Boss Shivani Narayanan’s glamorous photo from Instagram goes viral

Shivani Narayanan

Doctors say that if you stay in the sun for a few minutes every day, you will get vitamin ‘D.’ Following that, Bigg Boss contestant Shivani Narayanan posted a photo of standing in the sun with the caption ‘I get a dose of vitamin‘ D ’every day.’ It is noteworthy that the fan likes for this photo are accumulating.

It is known that Shivani, who attended the Bigg Boss show, has been posting various photos on her Instagram page daily after the Bigg Boss show. In that vein, she posted a photo of herself standing in the sun with her hands on her head in a photo she posted a little while ago today. She captioned it ‘Today’s Vitamin-D Dose.’

It is noteworthy that this photo was posted on her Instagram, and within an hour, more than one lakh and ten thousand people have liked it. As usual for this photo, the fans are showing their appreciation and love in the comment area.


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