Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Results 23 February 2021: Dimpal leading the poll due to sob story?

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 vote results 23 february 2021

Bigg Boss started the eighth day of the house happily, but Bigg Boss’s warning that this is the beginning of the competition is heating the house and contestants for the nomination. Bigg Boss suggests that those who are not qualified to stay at home by presence and personality should be nominated.

Nobi Ritu Mantra and Sai Vishnu were nominated first. Nobby said they still need to be active. Sai, Ritu, and Dimple are nominated. Nominated by multiple comments because Kitilam Feroz is personally trying to insult and advise. Lakshmi is also nominated for her laziness and lack of honesty and for speaking only for the camera. Ramadan accuses Manikuttan of pouring oil on the flames to prove he is a strong contender.

Ritu Mantra won seven votes in the first nomination process at Bigg Boss House. Feroz and Lakshmi made it to the nomination list with four votes. Dimple and Sandhya got three votes, and Sai, Adoni, and Bhagyalakshmi got two votes.

Ritu Mantra received the highest number of votes (7 votes) in the first nomination at Bigg Boss House.

Last week was a day when contestants opened their minds about their life circumstances and relationships. In it, Dimple tells the story of his best friend, Juliet, who leaves prematurely. But Michelle claims that this is a dimpled story. If so, Feroz Khan says he should call and ask.

Following this, the two together ask Dimple. But when Dimple burst into tears, the problem at home became serious. Kitilam Feroz asks how he can come in and tell the story he saw from the outside. Bhanu also says that for whatever reason, a person does not play with emotions.

Dimple is still bursting into tears. Dimple says it doesn’t hurt to talk about Juliet and that she’s his mole. Magicia, Bhagyalakshmi, and Ritu are trying to comfort each other but to no avail.

Dimple is leading the voting results, it might come due to her story, but we will have to wait and watch if it continues till the end.

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Vote Results Today Live Score – 23 February 2021

  • Dimpal Bhal – 2443 23%
  • Sai Vishnu – 2280  21%
  • Rithu Manthra – 1314  12%
  • Bhagyalakshmi – 1197. 11%
  • Adoney John – 1099  10%
  • Kidilam Firoz – 1058  10%
  • Sandhya Manoj – 744  7%
  • Lakshmi Jayan – 488  5%

Lakshmi Jayan, Sandhya Manoj, and Kidilam Firoz are in danger of eviction this week.

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Vote Live Status

Asianet TV will be updating the Big Boss 3 Malayalam Vote Live status for every contestant in the Bigg Boss house. You can regularly check the results of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Voting on Asianet.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Season 3 Via Hotstar

  • Install the Hotstar app
  • Search for Bigg Boss 4 Malayalam Season Page
  • Under Stream, you have the option to vote.
  • Click Vote Now
  • Every day you have 50 votes for Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

Bigg Boss Malayalam Malayalam 3 Voting Via Google

  • First, go to Google, sign in, and find the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 vote.
  • Click on the contestant you would like to vote for
  • Finally, click Submit.
  • Your votes will be submitted to Asianet.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote Season 3 Via Missed Call

We’ll Save Their Favorite Friends by Giving That Missed Call. The Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Voting Number Will Be Updated Soon.

Sr No. Contestant Name Missed Call Number
1 Noby Marcose N/A
2 Dimpal Bhal N/A
3 Kidilam Firoz N/A
4 Manikuttan N/A
5 Majiziya Bhanu N/A
6 Soorya J. Menon N/A
7 Lekshmi Jayan N/A
8 Sai Vishnu N/A
9 Anoop Krishnan N/A
10 Adony T. John N/A
11 Ramzan Muhammed N/A
12 Rithu Manthra N/A
13 Sandhya Manoj N/A
14 Bhagya Lakshmi N/A


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