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Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Wild Card: Actress Remya Panicker is the new wild card entry in Bigg Boss Malayalam

Remya Panicker Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 is entering its third week. Season 3 begins with a celebration on February 14th. Presenter Mohanlal welcomed the contestants by giving them red roses on Valentine’s Day. The show, which started with 16 contestants, is expected to attract more people in two weeks.

Sajina and Feroz Khan were the first wild card entry to Bigg Boss Season 3. Michelle had come with them. One week after their arrival, two new members arrived at Big Base House. Model and PG student Angel Thomas and actress, dancer, and presenter Remya Panicker arrived at Bigg Boss House this week through Wild Cold Entry. Although Angel Thomas is new to the audience, Remya Panicker is not new to Malayalees.

Remya became popular among the Malayalee audience with the movie Chunkzz, directed by Omar Lulu. The actress played the role of Jolly Miss in the film. It was a character that was well received by the audience. Apart from being an actress, Remya is also a dancer and presenter. She is coming to Bigg Boss House as the 18th contestant.

Father, mother, and sister are the family of Remya. The married sister lives with her family in Mumbai. Remya says her sister is her best friend. Remya hails from Thiruvananthapuram and currently resides in Kochi. Her father said that while she was studying, Remya was more interested in dance and mimicry than studying.

The actress has also clarified about the character. He has the nature to say anything out loud. If anyone comes to scold me, I will chase Keriyang. That is my character. She says the opportunity to do a show like Bigg Boss was a great desire but never expected. Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 is Remya’s first reality show. After watching the episodes for two weeks, Mohanlal sent Remya to the house and advised her not to say anything outside.

There are currently 18 contestants currently in the Bigg Boss House. Unlike previous seasons, there is an increase in the number of people, and the first elimination of Bigg Boss Season 3 is about to take place tonight.



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