Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Vote: 8 Contestants, who will win the title?


A Shocking Twist

Big Boss Malayalam Season 3, had all waiting for the Ticket to Finale winner. This competition was supposed to reveal the finalists for the show. Since only two contestants Rithu and Ramzan were safe. But, in a twist of events, the makers made a startling announcement. Due to COVID-19, and concerns on the pandemic. The filming of Big Boss has become dangerous as of yet. So, the showrunners have  made a startling move.

Changes in the voting

Now, all eight contestants who were also in the Ticket to Finale are also considered as finalists. In a bold move, that none of us could anticipate. The voting results will be decided completely based on what the audience decides. This is completely unprecedented and has shaken the core of Bigg Boss history.

The voting polls opened on May 24, Sunday. The winner is going to be exclusively selected based on this result. We will only meet the Bigg Boss gang for the Grand Finale episode, which if reports are to be believed will air this weekend. What a twist this year’s Bigg Boss has been, from surprise eliminations, and inviting a layperson in the house. Everything has been exciting this year.

The Eight Contestants

Let’s look at the final eight:

  1. Rithu
  2. Anoop Krishnan
  3. Dimpal Bhal
  4. ‘Kidlam’ Firoz
  5. Manikuttan
  6. Nobi
  7. Ramzan
  8. Rithu Mantra
  9. Sai Vishnu

Let’s analyse the contestants:

  1. Dimpal Bhal, Anoop, Manikuttan and Ramzan are the strongest contestants as of yet.
  2. The layperson Sai Vishnu, has brought up massive audience interest.
  3. Nobi, Rithu are the weakest in terms of popularity amongst the final eight. There are very less chances that they would win.
  4. Anoop, is also a strong contender but his weak performance could be a major impediment for his chances. There is high chance that he will enter the Top Five, but something more than that is very doubtful.
  5. Sources suggest Manikuttan would be the winner. Dimple and Firoz could be runners-up.
  6. Ramzan could also be a major contender.

As the voting begins, a lot of things are up in the air right now. Dimple, Ramzan and Anoop are the trio who pose the maximum risk to all. It seems one of these three could be next winner. But time will only tell which one got what it takes. All of the three have massive fan bases, difficult histories and as with all things the dream and goal to make it big!



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