Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Eviction: Kidilam Firoz is the new Captain, Remya or Majiziya Bhanu to be eliminated with low votes

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Eviction

Thirty-Three days after the start of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3, another weekend episode has arrived. On Friday, the contestants selected the captain and the people who would go to jail before Mohanlal arrived to visit the contestants.

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Nominated Contestants Week 5

  • Dimple Bhal
  • Majiziya Bhanu
  • Remya Panicker
  • Rithu Manthra
  • Sajna and Firoz
  • Sai Vishnu
  • Kidilam Firoz

After the episode started with the alarm song “Dosha Nalloru Dosha Veno” from Kammath & Kammath movie, the next show is Ramadan Ritu Samsaram The nomination to be sent to jail is then made. Sajna-Firoz and Surya go to jail based on having the highest number of names in the nomination.

The captain instructs Bigg Boss to send both of them to jail without heeding Feroz’s words that he is ready to take the punishment, but Sajna should be spared. Sai and Bhagyalakshmi enter into a discussion between Nobby and Kidilam Firoz. Who tells Sai that it will hurt Bhagyalakshmi and make them humble? Remya cries and talks to Nobi about what others have said that her performance is bad.

Not to mention being a good performer, Remya tells Nobby that she could have said at least part of what I did. Kidilam Feroz arrives at the discussion between the two. The captaincy match followed. The team selected Kidilam Feroz to lead Bigg Boss for a week at the end of a lively match. Ferozkhan says he wanted Manikuttan or Ferozo to win and that he wanted to lose the season. But Remya says she did not need such a greeting.

This time the prison inmates are given the task of mixing the atta. A dispute between Bhagyalakshmi and Dimpal ensues. Bhagyalakshmi is questioning Dimpal for supporting Firoz Khan and Sajna. The sponsored task later took place at the Bigg Boss house.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Vote Results Week 5 Eviction – 20th March 2021

  • Dimpal Bhal – 14,61,150 Votes
  • Rithu Manthra – 7,80,600 Votes
  • Firoz Khan & Sajna – 28,25,250 Votes
  • Kidilam Firoz – 26,48,650 Votes
  • Sai Vishnu – 11,41,200 Votes
  • Majiziya Bhanu – 7,86,900 Votes
  • Remya Panicker – 7,84,900 Votes

With Remya, Rithu Manthra, and Majiziya Bhanu securing fewer votes, the three are in danger of eviction this week. Firoz Khan leads the voting results while Kidilam Firoz follows, nearing second in voting results.


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