Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 Eviction: Bhagyalakshmi eliminated this week, double eviction on cards

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Eviction Bhagyalakshmi

So the Bigg Boss house is witnessing another elimination. This time the elimination was completely unexpected. Tell someone to go out, usually on Sundays. But quite unexpectedly, it was announced yesterday that no one would be out. Yesterday’s episode was dramatic. Today’s episode started with Manikuttan being selected as the new captain. As usual, Mohanlal took each and everything of the week and asked. He also asked others about Sai’s performance as captain.

It was later that Mohanlal announced that he had decided to call someone out today. This week’s eviction was completely different than usual. Mohanlal usually says what the fate of every one of them is. But this time, it was through an interesting task that it was announced who would be out.

Anoop, Nobby, Sajjana Firoz, Bhagyalakshmi, Kitilam Firoz, Ramzan, and Sandhya were all scheduled to face elimination this week. Mohanlal used to give each of them a bar of soap. Everyone should open the covers of the soap they have taken. Mohanlal said it would be safe for anyone to see their name in the soap.

According to this, everyone opened the soaps. The name on Anoop’s soap was Sandhya’s. The name of the sun in the evening soap. The name of Feroz Sajna was written on the soap opened by the sun. Feroz and Sajjana received a soap with the name of Kitilam Feroz written on it. But the soap that Kitilam Feroz got did not have anyone’s name on it.

When he saw Anoop’s name in Ramzan’s soap, Anoop also became safe. Nobby’s soap had Ramzan’s name, and Bhagyalakshmi’s soap had Nobby’s name on it. With this, it became clear that everyone except Bhagyalakshmi was safe. Mohanlal asked the unnamed Bhagyalakshmi to come out. Bhagyalakshmi was emotionally taken away by the Bigg Boss family.

Bhagyalakshmi responded that this expulsion was what she wanted. Feroz and Sajna told Bhagyalakshmi that they were going to fall in love. Kitilam Feroz and Sandhya, who were close friends, struggled to contain their emotions. Bhagyalakshmi’s dismissal was very distressing for Dimple as well.

Bhagyalakshmi was a strong contender from the beginning. Many had predicted that Bhagyalakshmi would be in Bigg Boss till the end. Earlier, Kitilam Feroz had also predicted that Bhagyalakshmi would be in the final. But unexpectedly, Bhagyalakshmi came out. Bhagyalakshmi came out and spoke with a laugh. Bhagyalakshmi said that she wanted this and had often requested Bigg Boss.


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