Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Eviction: Audience are expecting Angel’s elimination this week

Angel eviction bigg boss malayalam

Each of the contestants who came to Bigg Boss as a wild card entry put on a stellar performance. At the same time, Michelle Ann Daniel was evicted before she could stay on the show much longer. Audiences are eager to know who will be eliminated next week.

Five contestants reached the elimination round in the nomination process last day. The highest number of nominees was Feroz Khan and his wife, Sajna. Both are ahead with 9 votes. Soorya then got six votes. Angel, Manikuttan, and Rithu are all behind.

While many are looking at the competition strongly, many people say that Angel should be evicted this week. Angel was with Adoni from the first few days when she arrived at Bigg Boss to express her love for Manikuttan. Angel was trying to make love as a strategy. But with the audience realizing that Angel wants to be eliminated this week.

They do not want to vote for Angel and expect her to go this week, and many say her strategy with love is terrible. Angel thinks that she can go to Bigg Boss for 75 days if she plays a love play. But there are a lot of comments against such a strategy. Everyone wants to get Angel out.

The video of ‘I love you’ with Angel and Adoni went viral in the early days. The day Mohanlal came, he told it to both of them. But the majority opinion is that it is rude for Angel to use love as a strategy when she has a boyfriend outside.


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