Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Voting Week 7: Open Nomination in BB house, these contestants are nominated for elimination

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 voting week 7

One of the contestants, Surya, said that the Bigg Boss house last week was calm. Bigg Boss hints that this could be a sign that the game is about to change. By the sixth week, the scene at Big Boss’ house was generally very calm. Suppose you are avoiding some push-pulls during the task. The Sixth Week was also scarce in Bigg Boss house, where no personal challenges or arguments were heard.

But it looks like it’s about to change in week 7 during the voting nomination process. This is clear from the promo video released for today. Adoni, Sai, Ramzan have been friends since the beginning of the BB House. But by the fifth week, Adoni’s revelation was clear that the alliance had broken down.

Ramzan and Adoni, who had lovingly advised Sai to change, were also assessed by other contestants as changing a lot according to the Sai script. Adoni and Ramzan had secretly revealed their dissatisfaction with Sai’s ‘big’ change. The promo video makes it clear that the inconsistencies in this friendly equation are now coming to light.

In the seventh week, the open nomination is scheduled to take place at BB House. In this nomination, Sai also nominated Adoni. It is clear from the promo that Manikuttan is also nominating Anoop.

These are the nominated contestants for Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Week 7:

  1. Sajina & Firoz
  2. Anoop Krishnan
  3. Bhagya Lakshmi
  4. Soorya Menon
  5. Kidilam Firoz
  6. Sandhya Manoj
  7. Ramsan
  8. Nobi

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    Sajina & Firoz
    Anoop Krishnan
    Bhagya Lakshmi
    Soorya Menon
    Kidilam Firoz
    Sandhya Manoj
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