Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Voting: How to Vote For Dimpal, Majiziya, Remya, Rithu Manthra & Others?

Bigg Bos Malayalam 3 vote

Post the shocking eviction of director Angel, the mini-screen audiences witnessed the fifth-week nomination process of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3. In the nomination task, each contestant was asked to nominate two contestants. Each of them was required to nominate any two contestants and state the reason for the same.

It was still the day of the Eviction Nomination when the Bigg Boss competition intensified. The day contestants nominate those who want to leave the Bigg Boss house. This was at the behest of Bigg Boss. Contestants must also state why one should leave. With six votes, the Sajna-Feroz couple still topped the list.

This is how today’s nomination was suggested by each person.

Adoni- Ritu and Ramya are nominated
Ritu has not changed to the character of Tulsi Teacher and has no game spirit. Ramya Panicker did not come to the role of principal Sheela.

Nobi- Sajna- Firoz and Majiziya Bhanu
Sajna-Firoz are getting into trouble again. Majsiya Bhanu uses a weapon against me with rivalry

Ritu – Majsia and Ramya nominated
Majiziya is not ready to accept the criticism. Ramya Panicker is still not in sync with others

Kitilan Feroz- Sajjana- Feroz and Ramya nominated
Sajjana-Firoz is disturbing others. Ramya Panicker is not able to catch up with others.

Sandhya Manoj- Sajjana- Firoz and Ramya nominated
Sajna nominated Feroz and Ramya Panicker.

Manikuttan- Anoop Krishnan and Kidilan Firoz nominated
Anoop Krishnan was a quarrelsome man even when Lal was standing. Kitilan Feroz is the one who did the wrong thing in the task.

Bhagyalakshmi- Dimple and Sajna- Firoz nominated
Dimple insists that we do not listen and that everyone listens to what they say. Feroz-Sajna is an unhealthy person who simply claims to be honest.

Majsiya- Sai Vishnu and Ritu nominated
Sai Vishnu, who has big dreams, does not use his platform. Ritu does not use Bigg Boss either.

Feroz- Sajna- Majsi and Ritu nominated
The magician told Mike to pull out. Ritu is confined to songs.

Surya- Sajjana- Firos and Dimpal nominated
Feroz and Sajna are the ones who hurt others. Dimple is a person who does not understand his own problems.

Sai Vishnu- Dimple and Majiziya nominated
Dimple lied about Morning Activity. Majiziya is a person who has no position of his own.

Ramya Panicker- Kidilan Firos and Ritu Mantra
Kitilan Feroz, who can speak well, has not used the captaincy task. Ritu Mantra did not pay homage to his character.

Anoop Krishnan- Sajna- Firos and Dimple
Sajna-Feroz are inflators of minor problems. Dimple says he’s the only one right.

Dimple- Ritu Mantra and Sai Vishnu
Ritu tries the mantra but does not come to the best. Sai Vishnu is a person who stands by his own point of view.

Ramadan- Majiziya and Dimple nominated
It does not show up in the majestic task that says most sportsman has spirit. Dimple is not the right personality.

Well, with the speculations and high voltage drama going on in and around the show, we will have to wait and watch to see what unfolds in the weekend episode when Mohanlal joins the housemates.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Nominations Week 3

  • Rithu Manthra
  • Firoz
  • Dimpal Bhal
  • Sai Vishnu
  • Sajna and Firoz Khan
  • Remya Panicker
  • Majiziya Bhanu

Voting Procedure For Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

• Install the Disney+ Hotstar App (Available in both Android and iOS phones).

• Create an account using your email id, phone number or social media account.

• Type ‘Bigg Boss Malayalam 3’ in the search bar.

• Click on the ‘Vote Now’ icon and cast your vote to save your favourite contestant.

• Users have 50 votes each day, which they can either use for a single contestant or can split among the other contestants on the list. (250 votes per week)

• It is also to be noted that the vote bank closes on Friday at midnight.


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