Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Eviction: Michelle Ann Daniel to get eliminated this week due to low votes

Michelle elimination Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss Malayalam third season continues successfully. Each of the contestants put on a strong performance. Attempts by many to stay fake are failing. Lekshmi Jayan has eliminated in the week 1 elimination. With the arrival of Mohanlal again at the end of the week, the predictions about who will get evicted have already started.

Reports circulating on social media indicate that multiple contestants nominated last week are in the danger zone this week. Mohanlal talks about today’s elimination.

There were reports that two people would be evicted this week. From the beginning, everyone says Michelle Ann Daniel’s name. Michelle arrives at Bigg Boss as the first wild card entry with the Feroz Khan-Sajjana couple. Michelle was able to make a big fuss inside the house on the first day but could not do so in later days. So most of the fans are saying that she will be out of the show.

Michelle created a controversy about Dimpal Bahl, a fellow contestant of this season. Mohanlal questioned the action taken by Feroz, and Michelle nominated the two directly. So Michelle, who was nominated, did not gain much camera space last week. She was jailed for poor performance.

Meanwhile, unofficial reports say that another contestant is leaving Bigg Boss with Michelle. There are indications that Bhagyalakshmi, or Sai Vishnu, Surya, etc., may get evicted as Bhagyalakshmi had expressed her desire to leave.


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