Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Eviction: Anoop Krishnan and Majiziya Bhanu may get eliminated this week

Bigg Boss 3 Malayalam Elimination

Forty days have passed since the 100-day Bigg Boss show. Contestants will have to fight hard for the next few days. So far, it is a situation where the audience cannot even predict who is likely to be the winner of this season. Many people’s game strategies change over the weeks.

Doubts are now being raised as to who will be out this week. There are reports on social media that Anoop, who was nominated last week, will be eliminated. And the new information is that one more contestant will be eliminated this week.

For the first time this season, everyone except the captain received at least one vote on the nomination. With two votes, Sai Vishnu and Anoop Krishnan, Majsia and Surya with three votes, Dimple with five votes, and Feroz-Sajjana with six votes came out top. Bigg Boss asked Ramzan, who had the nomination free card if she gave it to anyone, but the answer was no.

So six people are facing elimination this week. There are reports that Anoop Krishnan is eliminated with the lowest number of votes. It has been reported that Anoop is at last because of the unofficial voting trend of Bigg Boss. At first, Sajjana Feroz was ahead in the voting, but Dimple won first place. Initially, Surya and Sai Vishnu were behind, but in the end, Anoop was behind.

Four contestants have been eliminated so far in five weeks. All four are women contestants. Therefore, it was predicted that a male contestant would go out this time. At the same time, there are indications that not one but two people are going out this week. It is learned that not only Anoop but also Majiziya Bhanu might get eliminated this week. The elimination will take place on Saturday and Sunday when host Mohanlal arrives.

There are unofficial reports that another serial actress will be joining Bigg Boss as a wild card entry this week. Indications are that one person is being taken in because two people are being taken out. Anyway, Bigg Boss continues to be successful with contestants that audiences never expected.


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