Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 27th May 2021: Voting Results and Finale Predictions


Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 is in the finale week. We have reached the pinnacle of this year’s season. With many twists and turns, it has been decided that this time’s winner will be decided only through the result of the voting. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this seems to be the best solution as of yet.

All the eight contestants became finalists overnight.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Finalists

We have a grand total of 8 finalists in the competition.

  1. Anoop
  2. Dimple Bhal
  3. Kidilam Firoz
  4. Manikuttan
  5. Noby
  6. Ramzan
  7. Rithu Mantra
  8. Sai Vishnu

The race is on, since this weekend the winner will be announced. The voting gets over on the 29th May, 2021, which is only two days away. So, the race is on. You can vote for your favourites using these following steps:

How to vote for Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

By Google:

  1. Search for Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Vote
  2. Through this you can vote up to 10 times
  3. Pick your favourite from amongst the nine to save

By a Text Message

  1. Send the message to 57827
  2. Type BB Contestant Name
  3. That’s it. Make sure your plan allows for sending texts without incurring charges.

By Hotstar

The place where Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 also airs

  1. Open the Hotstar App
  2. Search for Bigg Boss Malayalam 3
  3. Choose the option “Vote”
  4. Click on your favourite contestant
  5. You can vote up to 50 times a day

It’s still not too late, vote in any of the following ways and make sure that your favourite becomes the winner. This time it’s in your hands, you can choose the best person. This time the showrunners have given not just one or two, but three different easy ways to select winners.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Voting Results

According to many sources, these are the vote shares of the various contestants. Let’s take a look at them.

  • Manikuttan-25%
  • Sai Vishnu-17%
  • Dimple Bhal-14%
  • Ramzan-12%
  • Kidilam Firoz-10%
  • Anoop-8%
  • Noby-7%
  • Rithu Mantra-7%

Manikuttan continues his incredible streak. Dimple and Sai Vishnu are neck to neck, but it is certain that Dimple might become the runner-up. Ramzan, the most aggressive performer hasn’t managed to get the expected number of vote shares. Anoop, Noby and Rithu Mantra seem to have very less chance to become winners. Let’s see what the next two days bring up.


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