Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 26th May 2021 Voting Results: Manikuttan Leads, Who Will Be the Title Winner of BBM3?


With this season of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, there has been a lot of spanners in the works. With the introduction of a layperson in the show, and also with Covid-19 restrictions. The TN government took the vigorous resort to shut down production at a very critical juncture. We were at the point of the Ticket to the Finale. But due to safety reasons, it was decided to shift the format and make it such that the decision will be based on the audience’s votes. It is these votes which will exclusively decide the winner.

The showrunners have given a week’s time to wrap up the voting. This voting line will close in two days’ time on May 29th, 2021. So, the time is now to vote, and for us to make predictions as to who would be the winner.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Finalists

We have a grand total of 8 finalists in the competition.

  1. Anoop
  2. Kidilam Firoz
  3. Dimple Bhal
  4. Rithu Mantra
  5. Ramzan
  6. Noby
  7. Sai Vishnu
  8. Manikuttan

Voting results for Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

According to the data from leading websites, Manikuttan has the maximum vote share of almost a whooping quarter of it. Sai Vishnu and Dimple are the runners up, with only one percent margin between each other. Ramzan, is also very close to the two, and with time he might oust Sai Vishnu. Kidilam Firoz, is also in the bottom three. The other two who seem to have the least vote share are Noby and Rithu Mantra.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Winner Predictions

  • From the voting results from the last few days Manikuttan is in the lead with the largest number of votes. But Dimple and Sai Vishnu are very close behind. With the results and Manikuttan’s rabid fanbase he seems poised to become the winner.
  • Dimple Bhal seems to be a shoo-in for the runner-up position.
  • Sai Vishnu’s position seems precarious but his unique status means if at all he won, it would be historic for Bigg Boss Malayalam 3.
  • Ramzan and Kidilam Firoz are tied, and their competition is fierce.
  • Noby and Rithu are at the bottom, their chances to win are too low. It seems their recent results has contributed to a dip in their popularity.
  • Anoop is an outlier, if at all he can gather the voter base. He could very much be a serious contender.

Too many things are in the air right now, and the suspense is fierce. Let’s hope may the best person win!



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