Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 19th May 2021: Ticket to Finale Results, Winner and Task Performances Revealed!

Bigg Boss 3

The stage is set, as with the last article, we know that the contestants and Bigg Boss Season 3 is on the road towards the finale. The competition is fierce, and the nominations list for this week’s elimination has six contestants. One of whom is considered to be very strong, Manikuttan, whose chances are high.

Ticket to Finale Task

Based on the content of a teaser, the task seems to involve contestants with a large dish and a bunch of balls. Each contestant has to transfer their balls to another contestant’s dish while theirs has to contain as less as possible. This is a diabolical task, that pits one housemate to the other. This is also something that will test the resolve of the six in the nominated list.

Contestant Predictions

Every single contestant took time to out to establish their reasons to stay and come out as this season’s winner. Dimple recalled her promise to her father. Sai Vishnu talked about if a layman wins it will be a dream come true for ordinary people. Rithu suggested herself, Ramzan, Firoz, Dimple and Manikuttan. Nobi was also considered because of his dedication.

Other than Rithu, who will be the last captain of this season. Ramzan is the only other contestant who is safe this week. So, it seems Ramzan might be someone who is surely in for the ‘ticket to finale’.

Nominated List

  • Anoop Krishnan
  • Dimple Bhal
  • Kidilam Firoz
  • Manikuttan
  • Nobi
  • Sai Vishnu
  1. Anoop is good at tasks, but it seems he has little audience sympathy and vote share.
  2. Manikuttan is immensely popular, and predictions say that he is also a shoe in for the ticket to finale.
  3. Sai Vishnu, who is often just shy of mediocre in tasks. But due to the unique fact that he is the only layperson brings him immense popularity.
  4. Rithu as the captain is safe, but she needs to be on her toes. Since the contestants are miffed with her.
  5. Dimple Bhal, though in the danger zone has a fierce fan following who tirelessly lobbied for her return. So, she is extremely determined to prove them right.

As these updates tell you, there is a certain element of predictions, that we can make. Anoop seems to be in the most danger, whereas Manikuttan is relatively safe. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for our favourites.





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