Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Vote Week 3: Nine Contestants nominated for elimination this week

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Vote Week 3

Dhanushree was eliminated on week 1 of Bigg Boss Kannada 8, while Nirmala was eliminated during week 2. Now the week 3 elimination process has begun. This week 9 contestants are nominated at the Bigg Boss house for elimination. Here’s information about this week’s nomination.

  • Shamant
  • Nidhi Subbayya
  • Geeta
  • Raghu
  • Arvind
  • Viswanath
  • Divya Uruguda
  • Divya Suresh
  • Prashant Sambaragi

Shankar Ashwath is nominated, but the captain of the house saved him.

Shamant and Nidhi had the highest votes. Shamant has not played properly for two weeks. He is saved by Captaincy—a boy in his 20s. Housemates complained that the purpose was forgotten.

Each housemates nominated two contestants and this is how it happened:

  • Prashant-Shubha: Shamant-Nidhi
  • Divya-Vishwa: Shamant-Nidhi
  • Raghu-Vaishnavi: Shamant-Geeta
  • Ashwathth-Gita: Raghu-nidhi
  • Geeta-Manju: Arvind-Shamant
  • Shamant-Nidhi: World-Divya
  • Arvind – Divya: Divya Suresh – Shankar

Bro Gowda kept going and talking to everyone’s ears despite Microphone. Host Sudeep was annoyed by this. We spend millions of rupees and are given a microphone. Sudeep, however, said Shamant had violated the Bigg Boss Rule by speaking in his ear.

Sudeep has ruled that Shamant should be nominated directly for Big Boss’s third week elimination or leave theentire household’s bedroom aread. While some at-home agreed to save Bro Gowda, others objected. However, Shamant is emotionally struck by dialogue. Shamanth decided to sleep in the living room. By this, Shamant was safe.

Shamant has gone to save him and is now staying in the living area. No one is getting enough sleep. This has caused the housemate to be annoyed and angry. Everyone is sparking against Shamant. In this week’s nomination, everyone took a stance against Shamanth and nominated him to get the bedroom back for usage.

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Dimpal Bhal
Majiziya Bhanu
Remya Panicker
Rithu Manthra
Sajna and Firoz
Sai Vishnu
Kidilam Firoz
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