Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Manju Pavagada is safe from eviction this week

Manju Pavagada eviction safe

The second day at Bigg Boss house was a sweet day for the two and became a bitter day for the other two contestants.

The other contestants nominated Prashant Sambargi, Manju Pavagada, Dhanushree, Nidhi Subbaiah on the first day of Big Bass. Bigg Boss nominated Nirmala for playing poorly.

On the second day, Prashant Sambargi, Manju Paavagada, Dhanushree, and Nidhi Subbaiah were given special opportunities. At first, Prashant Sambargi chose to contest against Vishwa in a game, won him over, and became safe. Vishwa is now nominated, while Prashanth is safe from eviction.

Then when Manju rotated, Manju chose Raghu Gowda. “Raghu is my equal rival. I will choose Raghu because there is a comfort that the loser will lose the ball,” said Manju.

Bigg Boss gave them a game of memory and ingenuity to look at pictures of the ice cream cup and create a model that resembles it. Manju, who played wisely in this game, became the winner. Manju then got out of the nomination and came to Safe Zone. Raghu Gowda is nominated for losing the game against Manju.

Nidhi Subbaiah and Dhanushree will be playing with two other contestants at BB house. They will get into a safe zone if they win, and the other two will get nominated for eviction.


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