Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Eviction: Singer Vishwa and Shubh Poonja safe from elimination this week

Shubha Poonja Bigg Boss Kannada

The first Weekend episode of Bigg Boss Season 8 aired yesterday. Kiccha Sudeep, as usual with his ingenious eloquence and humor, made the contestants laugh.

Everyone was curious about who would be evicted from the house for the first week. This was answered halfway through Saturday’s episode. On Saturday’s episode, Sudeep made his first appearance. They reviewed the events at home during the week and made their own judgments. Most of Sudeep’s words were accepted by the contestants.

Five were nominated to leave the house this week. Raghu Gowda, Dhanushree, Nirmala, and Vishwa were nominated. One of them had to be evicted from the house. The matter had to be settled at the end of the episode.

Similarly, Sudeep, who proposed the nomination issue at the end of the episode, said the two’s names are safe this week. Actress Shubha Poonja and singer Vishwa escaped from eviction this time. TikTok star Dhanushree, Nirmala, and Raghu Gowda’s status will be confirmed in today’s (Sunday) episode.

Earlier, news broke that Shubha Poonja will be leaving the house. But she was the first person to be saved in yesterday’s episode. Also, Sudeep praised Shubha Poonja for playing well.


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