Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Elimination Week 5: Shankar Ashwath evicted from BB house

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 elimination Shankar

The fifth week of elimination has been completed at the Bigg Boss house. Shankar Ashwath, who was jailed after performing poorly at home last week, was eliminated from the house this week. There is also a strong reason why they move out of the house.

Shankar Ashwath is the oldest of the contestants who have entered the Bigg Boss house this time. This was a benefit for him. Everyone at home looked at him like a father. This is the same emotional aspect that Shankar was not nominated for two weeks.

Shankar Ashwath did not mingle with anyone because of the age gap with the other contestants. This has been proven many times over. Shankar was once at his side. After two consecutive weeks, Shankar Ashwath performed poorly. He had to go to jail twice because all the members of the house had been given a bad lap.

In a task, Divya Suresh and Vaishnavi were competing. While the two were standing at the swimming pool, Shankar slipped into Vaishnavi and the game had to be stopped. Many were bored by his behavior. Thus they are out of the house. Upon his arrival, Shamant said it was OK to stay.

The nature of tasks is getting worse day by day. Due to age, it was difficult for Shankar Ashwath to take an active part in the task. This is also to prove many times. Competition continues among 13 competitors. Journalist Chakravarti Chandrachud has entered Bigg Boss as a wild card entry. Their arrival has changed the atmosphere of the BB house. Manju is currently the captain of the house.


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