Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Elimination: Manju Pavagada becomes the captain, Shankar or Prashanth to get evicted

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 elimination week 5

Manju Pavagada in the Bigg Boss house is catching everyone’s attention. The last time Manju Pavagada was nominated by Big Boss, he was the first to get saved. That is, Manju Pavagada got the highest number of votes. Manju Pavagada dreamed of becoming the captain of the Bigg Boss, and it has finally come true. He is the captain of the Bigg Boss house for the sixth week.

Two Teams were made in the Bigg Boss house. Both teams were given some tasks. The winner of this task is selected for the Captaincy Task. Likewise, Manju Pavagada was one of the contestants chosen for the captaincy task after his wonderful BB house performance this week.

There is a long rod-like material. Next to it were some plates and cups. First, place the plate and place the cup on it. Thus, Prashant and Manju were last in the task. But, the last one won was Manju. Manju has become the captain for week 6 and is safe from voting nomination next week.

Bigg Boss then announced that Manju Pavagada is the captain of the house. Manju then said that he is glad to become the house captain, and his support for the contestants will always be there.

Out of all the contestants nominated for elimination this week, Prashanth and Shankar are in danger. With a wild card entry almost confirmed this week, Prashanth or Shankar will certainly be eliminated from Bigg Boss house.


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