Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Dhanushree is chose as worst performer of week 1, will she face eviction?

Dhanushree Bigg Boss jail

On day 5 at Bigg Boss house, there were some interesting events. A major change in Nirmala’s behavior is the major issue. Contestant Dhanushree became the first contestant to enter the Bigg Boss jail.

Bigg Boss said all house members should select a contestant who performed the worst and the one who played the worst on the tasks given to them this week.

Everyone expressed their opinion that Dhanushree did not perform well this week. So Bigg Boss announced that Dhanushree should stay in jail till further orders.

Moreover, Dhanushree cannot use any facility used by other members of the house. It was said that the meals should be served only with ragi ganji, and she should cut all the vegetables for the members of the house.

Then Bigg Boss said they should choose the contestant who performed well in the task. Members of the Bigg Boss house declared Prashanth Sambargi as the man who performed well in the tasks this week. Bigg Boss congratulated him.

The weekend episode with Kiccha Sudeep is expected to air tonight; He will be announcing the first eviction, and Dhanushree is one of those contestants nominated for eviction this week.


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