Bigg Boss contestant Michelle Ann Daniel slams Dimpal Bhal post eviction

Bigg Boss Michelle eviction

Dimpal Bhal has been in the news recently for Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3. Dimpal Bhal captured the attention of the audience with her stance and openness. Dimple communicates her exact views on any issues. But sometimes, Dimpal Bhal’s character is not liked by other competitors. At this point, most people come forward with allegations against Dimpal Bhal. Michelle, meanwhile, was a contestant who started targeting Dimpal Bhal.

Michelle was evicted last night due to fewer votes. At the time, Michelle Dimple’s social media posts violated Mohanlal’s warning not to talk about Bigg Boss on the outside. Because of this, Michelle was nominated, and she was evicted yesterday.

Meanwhile, after leaving the show, Michelle opened up about Dimpal Bhal as a contestant and a person.

Michelle says, ‘I don’t like Dimple Bhal in many places. Because the first thing is the health of the girl. I’m used to thinking of it as a strategy. I have seen it myself. When someone has a conversation or a fight, the girl runs away and goes to the bathroom and says, “I’m not, I’m not. Then five minutes later you can see the dance playing. Personally, I felt that it was being used as a strategy. It’s also something I’ve seen. Then go there and say so. Change the next day, talk badly about someone, and say the next day you are so cool that it’s such an event.

I felt that way. Put what I saw inside it. Michelle said in a new video released by Asianet. Dimple, meanwhile, is one of the strongest contenders in Bigg Boss. Dimple reacted emotionally to Michelle’s earlier allegations. Dimpal Bhal said that I should not play with emotions and that Juliet was my mole. Dimpal Bhal had openly told Michelle that day that you were not qualified to talk about her and that this was something I did not want to talk to you about.’


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