Bigg Boss 4 Vote – Who will be the third elimination of BB Telugu 4?


Bigg Boss Telugu 4 has been a whirlwind of emotions until now but what surely gets the meter running is during the eliminations. This week, the contestants will be interacting with the contestants on their performance during the week that went by. This time around seven contestants have been nominated for elimination. There has been a lot of buzz as to who will be eliminated in the fourth week of elimination.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Third Week Elimination: Safe Contestants

This week saw the nominations of five female contestants from which three are the strongest contenders in the house. Monal and Lasya have always topped the popularity charts and continue to do so. But the battle was for the third position between Kumar Sai and Ariyana. But at the end, the safe contestants for this week are: Lasya Monal Kumar Sai Ariyana

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Third Elimination: Contestants In Danger

The nominated contestants in danger of elimination this week are:

  • Devi Nagavalli
  • Harika
  • Mehaboob

Although this week saw Devi Nagavalli in the bottom it did not mean that Harika and Mehaboob were far behind. What did not work in favour of Mehaboob was that he lost his cool during this week’s task. Harika however instead of increasing her popularity managed to diminish her stature. All is not going well for her in the show and even if she manages to get saved this time there is no assurance that she will be saved next week.

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Results

While some expected there to be a double elimination this week, there won’t be anything of such. There could be other twists and turns though. But as per sources the contestants voting results are as follows:

  • Kumar Sai- Safe
  • Ariyana-Safe
  • Lasya-Safe
  • Monal-Safe
  • Harika-Safe
  • Devi-Safe
  • Mehaboob- ELIMINATED


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