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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu – Nagarjuna’s innovative suggestion for Bigg Boss Season 4

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu updates

Bigg Boss is one of the most expected reality show every year and usually starts during the mont of July, but due to Coronavirus restrictions things are not happening as planned and the show is delayed by few weeks. The pre-production works for Bigg Boss season 4 Telugu has started with full swing and things are looking positive. The main issue this year being Coronavirus cases and how the organisers of the show will plan the event in such a way that they can reduce contacts among contestants and still make the reality show a success.

Nagarjuna will be hosting the season 4 but has given clear instructions to the organisers about participating in this show. Nagarjuna has stated that he can’t be part of the show unless the government gives a clear instruction on starting the shooting, also since he is more than 60 years old he demands to be on extra cuation. Nagarjuna also told the organisers to have Zoom calls to interview and sign contracts for the participants and use technology to the fullest advantage.

If Coronavirus condition doesn’t improve the organisers may think of calling off the show for this year and Nagarjuna has agreed to the same. But as of now the pre-production of BB4 Telugu is on full swing.



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