Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 8th December Written Update: Balaji team makes Archana Cry, Nisha and Ramesh in danger of eviction

Bigg Boss Tamil 8 december written update

Bigg Boss Tamil contestants are constantly being given very different tasks. The call center task given for the last 2 weeks ended very badly. Kamal also spoke angrily about how they saved each other by talking about it.

In this situation, this week, the task of ‘Puthiya Manithan’ has been given to the contestants. In it, the competitors have to split into two teams as robots and humans. Archana will be the leader of the robots, and Balaji will be the leader of the humans.

Humans have to make every effort to bring out any two emotions like joy, anger, sadness from the team machines. In this task, Aari puts the egg on Archana’s face. Then tears coming from Archana’s eyes are shown in today’s first promo video, which is currently coming out.

The reason for the tears in Archana’s eyes was not shown in the first promo video. The answer is revealed in the second promo video. Archana has a furious fight with Balaji and Rio. Balaji’s consoles her saying it’s a game, to which Archana shouts, ‘My dad’s death is not a game.’

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Voting Results Live Score: 8th December, Day 1 Week 10

Nisha, with just 13% votes, is in danger of eviction. Jithan Ramesh follows her with 15% of the vote. Both these contestants are in danger of eviction this week

  • Gabriella 19.98% (43,708 votes)
  • Ramya Pandian 19.34% (42,304 votes)
  • Shivani 16.6% (36,321 votes)
  • Som 15.49% (33,878 votes)
  • Jithan Ramesh 15.46% (33,829 votes)
  • Nisha 13.13% (28,721 votes)


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