Big Mouth Season 4 Ending Explained: What to expect from Season 5?


Big Mouth is a show on Netflix that caters to tweens. It speaks about those who are going through puberty. The need to become self aware of one self and accept yourself the way you are despite the unrealistic expectations of society. The major characters are those of middle schoolers who are extremely horny. The show is filled with absurd comedy. The show gives an insight into the mind of teenagers who undergoing changes they had never anticipated.

Big Mouth Season 4 Ending Explained

Andrea has been struggling with OCD and the constant fear that she has of dying overcomes her and gets worse with time. Nick on the other hand cannot handle his anxiety and shut himself away from the world. Jay confesses his love to Lola and is immensely disturbed when she does not say it back to him. Jesse is forced to move back to Bridgeton when her parents come to know that she has been skipping classes. She has to live with her father and attend her old school.

All of them learn to live with themselves and find inner peace. Nick on the other loses the battle to his evil alter ego who takes over his body. It takes a support group to put Nick back together. He manages to accept his flaws and become true to himself. Jesse feels immensely grateful for eveything that she has in her life and this plays a significant role in handling her issues.All of them learn to have gratitude.

Season 5 of Big Mouth will deal with the tweens and the next stage in their lives. The never ending journey of tweens can be tedious on them mentally and physically. The show will delve on these aspects.


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