Betaal Season 1, Release date, Cast, Synopsis, What we know so far


Beware Betaal Mass on the way!

Who would have thought that we’d witness another, or for that matter the first blood-curdling, game-changer web series for India putting an end to all our monotonous routines during such trying times, bringing zombies back in trend yet again. Betaal, announced to be premiered on 24 May 2020, on Netflix. It is by far the most awaited Indian web series, creating havoc amongst SRKians, and horror geeks after it dropped its first official trailer on 8 May 2020.

Shah Rukh Khan’s production company Red Chillies Entertainment and Netflix are back with another series after an excellent success with Bard Of Blood which released on 27 September 2019. It is also co-produced by the Blumhouse Productions, which is known for its thrilling superhits and low-budget movies like Get Out, Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Halloween, etc. The series is written and directed by Patrick Graham (Ghoul & Trapped) and co-directed by Nikhil Mahajan (Baji).


We are definitely excited to see Vineet Kumar, a gem brought to light by Anurag Kashyap in Mukkabaaz, to play as the lead on the silver screen. The show also stars Aahana Kumra, Suchitra Pillai, Jitendra Joshi, Manjiri Pupala, and Syna Anand in the leading roles.

Here’s what we know!
From the trailer and released stills, we find Vineet Kumar Singh and Ahana Kumra playing the Deputy Commandant Ahluwalia bringing out the guns and venture out on a Zombie warfare. The story revolves around CIPD (Counter Insurgency Police Department) second-in-command officer of the Bazz Squad, Vikram Sirohi (Vineet Kumar) leads the team to fight the army of zombies led by a two-century-old British Indian Army officer, causing mayhem and disruption in the village.

The synopsis reads “While on a mission to displace the natives of Campa forest in order to build a highway, Sirohi and his squad unwittingly unleash the curse of Betaal mountain. A remote village quickly becomes the arena of a breathless battle when a two-century-old East India Company Colonel, infected with Betaal’s curse, and his battalion of blood-thirsty zombie redcoats are released from their tomb, attacking anything with a pulse. The CIPD forces are pitted against the undead army that wreaks havoc on the people and threatens to end civilization as we know it.”

It is also said that the show is an adaptation of the old Indian folktales. And I’m sure there’s nothing more exciting than watching Indian forces hunt down an East India Company battalion yet again unleashing the curse, and fighting the dead. And we all know it’s time to finally break through all the cringe horror content Indian filmmakers are known for. In Shah Rukh’s words – “I want Indian Content to do well globally, and wants them to achieve the international standard.” Well we surely expect this to be a massive cut through.



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