Betaal Ending Decoded: Unanswered Questions from the Ending of Season 1 and Expected Plot of Season 2 Revealed!


Netflix India released the much hyped ‘Betaal’ Season 1 on the 24th of March 2020. Produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s Red Chillies Entertainment, ‘Betaal’ was touted to be one of the most watched shows on Netflix India in 2020. However, the reviews turned out to mixed and the first season of ‘Betaal’ did not take off as expected. Starring ┬áVineet Kumar Singh, Aahana Kumra and Manjiri Pupala in the lead roles, the zombie based horror thriller failed to set the benchmark for the quality of content produced in Netflix India.

‘Betaal’ Review and Plot Summary

The plot of ‘Betaal’ revolves around a commandos troop deployed in the Nilja village. The forced evacuation unexpectedly turns awry and triggers a curse from the past and the eventual attack from zombies.

‘Betaal’ failed to impress in multiple areas and for all the zombie lovers out there ‘Betaal’ is not the usual zombie plot. Screenplay is sluggish and the script lacks the grip required to make a sensational zombie desi thriller. Poor execution of the zombie characterization is evidently visible with the British zombies.

‘Betaal’ had the opportunity to take fictional plots from the Indian entertainment industry to a whole new level using Netflix as a platform. However, the mission evidently failed like certain scenes which failed to trigger the wow factor. Tension and anxiety is missing while witnessing the zombie scenes. The lone face saver for ‘Betaal’ was the formidable cast while dialogues failed to give them a hand to elevate their roles. A lot more than a mediocre venture of this sort was expected from the maker of ‘Ghoul’, Patrick Graham

Rating: 2.25/5.00

‘Betaal’ Ending Explained – What Are Unanswered Questions and Expected Twists in Season 2?

The ending of ”Betaal” looked inconclusive in determining if Betaal is still alive or dead. However, it has left a few stones unturned which makes the possibility of ‘Betaal’ Season 2 definitely possible.

‘Betaal’ storyline intensifies with Saanvi bombing the tunnel from which she escaped from the clutches of the Colonel who was on the verge of murdering her. ‘Betaal’ has the potential to cause massive ruckus to the world if set free and that would happen if Betaal’s shrine is under threat, explains Saanvi. However, the ending of ‘Betaal’ witnesses the fact that ‘Betaal’ is set free and the British are back to invade India as the cycle of history repeats itself. This inconclusive end to a horror thriller leaves the plot open for ‘Betaal’ Season 2 to be far better than its first season.

‘Betaal’ is all set to come back with a bang in ‘Betaal’ Season 2. Wink Report will bring exclusive reports related to the plot, release date of ‘Betaal’ Season 2. Leave further queries in the comments below.


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