Best Indian Alternative Apps for ShareIt: Why We Should Stop Using SHAREit After its Ban In India??


The Indo-Chinese conflict is escalating to crucial tensions along the Galwan valley as both sides are toughening their stand. In the midst of the Chinese conflict, the Indian Government has taken some bold and drastic measures to curb the influence of Chinese products in its supply chain. Apart from this, there was a raging question about why the Indian Government has still allowed the usage of Chinese apps for use among its citizens.

In a stunning move, the Indian Government took inroads into the influence of Chinese apps being used by Indian consumers, a whopping 59 apps were banned with immediate effect. Users are encouraged to uninstall these apps and they will not be available in the Google Play Store or iOS Store.

Best SHAREit Indian Alternatives For Android

SHAREit is a very convenient file sharing app with a whopping 1 Billion+ downloads on the Google Play store. Developed by Smart Media4U Technology, a chinese app development company, SHAREit is now banned by the Indian Government in its initiative to take down on chinese apps influencing the Indian mobile consumer base.

SHAREit has received poor reviews in the recent past for being spammy with ads and poor on performance. Hence, Wink Report brings its viewers 5 Indian alternative apps for SHAREit which are better in every way.

  • Share ALL – Top Indian SHAREit Alternative for Android

Share ALL - Best SHAREit Alternative Indian App

Share ALL is the Indian ‘desi’ version of the SHAREit created by Luko Parallel App Pvt. Ltd and has 5 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

  • Jio Switch – SHAREit Alternative Developed by Indians

With a commendable rating of 4.4+ on the Google Play Store, JIOSwitch is another dependable alternative for ShareIT in the Play Store.

Jio Switch - Best SHAREit Indian Alternative

  • Files Go by Google – Trustworthy SHAREit Alternative

Indians trust Google and it is proven with their love for Google Play or ‘GPay’ formerly called ‘Tez’. Files Go by Google provides the option of replacing ES File Browser which is another Chinese app banned by the Indian Government. Sharing files offline, syncing it to the cloud is seamlessly quick and efficient with Files Go

Files Go - Best SHAREItAlternatives for Android

  • Smart Share – SHAREit Indian Alternative for File Sharing

Smart Share has mediocre reviews but is still a better alternative compared to Smart Share.



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