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Beauty Khan Tiktok Star Viral Video – Check out the stunning video of TikTok star Beauty Khan with her boyfriend

Beauty Khan Viral Video

With the popularity of the TikTok App and its trend, the popularity of many TikTokers have gone up the roof. Many people gained immense popularity by presenting their talent on this short video sharing app. One of these Tiktok star Beauty Khan and she is very popular on social media these days for her dance moves and her unique fashion. Apart from getting millions of followers on Tiktok, Beauty Khan has nearly one million followers on Instagram as well.

Beuty Khan is a very famous personality of Tik Tok. Her Tik Tok id is @cutebeautykhan. She has over 18.4 million followers and 511.9 million likes on Tik Tok. Beauty Khan is 20yrs old and her videos usually go viral on TikTok. She has even got a manager to manager her sponsorship these days. There were reports that Beauty Khan MMS video was leaked online but it has been shrugged away as not true and Beauty Khan’s PR team has denied it completely as a baseless rumour. Here are some of her very funny videos and photos which she posted to entertain her fans.


???#cutebeuty #tiktokindia #tiktoklover #tiktokdance @__angel_sneha__ @arbaz_mallick_official

♬ original sound – thesanjana__



????#tiktok #cutebeuty #tiktokindia #tiktoklover #tiktokdance #tiktokcomedy @__angel_sneha__ @arbaz_mallick_official @cuteipiejiya

♬ original sound – vihaan93


??#tiktok #cutebeuty #tiktokindia #tiktoklover #tiktokdance #tiktokcomedy #kolkata @__angel_sneha__ @cuteipiejiya @arbaz_mallick_official

♬ original sound – @Mukesh Rao – @Mukesh Rao


???#tiktok #cutebeuty #tiktokindia #tiktoklover #tiktokdance #tiktokcomedy @__angel_sneha__ @arbaz_mallick_official

♬ sonido original – magreth_gomez



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