Banarpal artistes miffed over no block-level fest


Banarpal: Artistes here are fuming as the block-level festival has not been organised for consecutive six years now at Banarpal block in Angul district.

A three-day-long district-level festival is all set to start in Angul town from February 11. Artistes to perform in this district-level festival have already been selected from block-level festivals.

Artistes of Banarpal alleged that all blocks but Banarpal hold block-level festivals every year. From these festivals, artistes are chosen for district-level festival. But Banarpal block has been meted step-motherly for six consecutive years. “Since, the block-level festival is not being organised in our block and we the artistes in this block are not getting chances to participate in district-level festival, our talents remain confined to our block only,” they alleged.

The artistes further alleged that even as there are over 400 artistes performing various art forms like Danda Pala, Das Kathia, Paika Akhara, Nama Sankirtan and some others in 35 panchayats in their block, the block is not getting its due importance.



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