Badshah Extends Financial Help To ‘Boro loker biti lo’ Creator Ratan Kahar


It has been a few days since a controversy emerged out involving Bollywood music composer and rapper, Badshah and Birbhum-based folk singer Ratan Kahar. Well, it was after the release of Badshah’s new video song ‘Genda Phool’, that Badshah was accused of plagiarism.

Ratan Kahar is a folk singer living in the Birbhum district of West Bengal. He is the man who wrote this song ‘Boro Loker Biti Lo’ in the year 1972. However, Badshah gave no credits to the man and used the lyrics in his video.

On 1st April, during his live session on Instagram promised to extend financial help towards Ratan Kahar and his family. He had said:

It will be a duty and honour to help an artiste like Ratan Kahar.”

He also took to his Twitter and released a statement. Here, check out the Tweet:

Now the rapper has finally kept his word and has done his bit for the folk singer. On Friday, Badshah got in touch with Ratan Kahar via video call and noted down his bank details over the phone the same day. Later on Monday, Badshah transferred Rs. 5 Lakhs to his account.

Ratan Kahar is extremely thankful to Badshah after receiving the money. Recently, in an interview, Ratan invited Badshah to his house. He had said:

I want Badshah to come over to my place and talk to me. I would first like to thank him for using my song. I am also eager to discuss music with him if he has the time.” 

Talking about the song ‘Genda Phool’, the song has been leading the charts ever since it was released. The song features the very beautiful and sexy Jacqueline Fernandez, who is raising the temperature with her sizzling moves and hot looks. The song has already garnered millions of views.

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