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Baby Yoda Doll Made By A Former ‘Mythbusters’ Star Is Scarily Lifelike


The Star Wars franchise is currently in a weird state of flux, from the divisive reaction to The Rise of Skywalker to the fact that there’s still no idea when we’ll receive another big screen movie, or what it would even be. But the series has produced one unqualified recent success: Baby Yoda, the almost toxically adorable break-out co-star of the Disney+ show The Mandalorian. Toys of the pint-sized, coffee-swilling creature have been best-sellers — although the rampaging coronavirus may put a stop to that, too — and while anyone can purchase a small animatronic version of the character, a certain tech whiz took it one step further.

As caught by, among others, ComicBook.com, Grant Imahara — electronics engineer, roboticist, and former star of the late science show Mythbusters — took to Twitter to show off his own twist on the character referred to on the show as simply “the child.” Being an engineering wizard, Imahara’s Baby Yoda is quite a bit more sophisticated in its design than the consumer-grade ones, its eyes almost more lifelike than the one on The Mandalorian. And just watch his eyes light up when presented with a cracker.

Imahara notes he’ll be taking his mechanical wonder to children’s hospitals starting in April, which is incredibly lovely. No matter what winds up happening with Star Wars’ future, at least we’ll always have this capital critter.

(Via ComicBook.com)



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