Babies Season 3 Release Date: Plot, New Babies, Trailer and Everything We Know So Far About This Netflix Docuseries!

Babies Season 3 release date

Netflix is on a rampage with an array of big releases like Order Season 2, The Politician Season 2 and many more in June 2020. A right blend of anime with Baki Season 3, A Whisker Away and documentaries like Babies Season 2 is keeping all sections of the audience engaged with Netflix’s new releases in June. ‘Babies’ is a very interesting Netflix docuseries which throws light on the science around the baby and its development. With ‘Babies’ Season 2 released this weekend, the buzz around the possibility of ‘Babies’ Season 3 is making the rounds.

‘Babies’ Season 3 Release Date

‘Babies’ Season 2 released on the 19th of June in Netflix. With the entire Season 2 comprising of six episodes, ‘Babies’ Season 2 covered the second half of the six episodes which were ordered by Netflix. ‘Babies’ Season 1 covered the first six episodes which released earlier in 2020.

‘Babies’ Season 3 is scheduled to release in March 2022. The first two seasons of ‘Babies’ were produced over a span of close to three years. ‘Babies’ Season 2 received immense accolades which makes the possibility of ‘Babies’ Season 3 stronger. ‘Babies’ Season 3 is expected to have six episodes and will receive its official confirmation on renewal from Netflix soon.

‘Babies’ Season 3 Plot: What to Expect?

The first season of Netflix’s ‘Babies’ covered the significant breakthroughs in baby development like its first step, first crawl and first words. ‘Babies’ Season 2 positioned itself around the babies’ reception to the world and the senses around it. With a touch science and relevant information, ‘Babies’ Season 2 covered the next phase of babies’ developments. ‘Babies’ Season 3 could revolve around the plot lines of babies development of thinking, memory and learning capabilities. Apart from this, the need for care and attention from parents could be emphasized in the early episodes of ‘Babies’ Season 3.

‘Babies’ Season 3 Cast

‘Babies’ Season 1 and 2 were filmed together in totality but released in two parts. The two parts of Babies featured around fifteen babies, their parents from different countries. Apart from the families, the Netflix docuseries also featured an amazing ensemble of 25+ scientists.

The following noted scientists will form the cast of Babies Season 3:

  • Vasu Reddy from the University of Portsmouth
  • Kiley Hamlin from the University of British Columbia
  • Rebecca Saxe from MIT

Babies Part 3 could revolve around the same babies and their parents.

‘Babies’ Season 3 Trailer

The trailer of Babies Part 3 is yet to be released by Netflix. The trailer of the second season is here:


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