Authorities arrest Ohio Man for laundering $ 300 million in Crypto on the Dark Web


Authorities have recently detained a local in Ohio for charges of having illegal money laundering on the Dark Web.

The alleged operator of an illegal company named Helix, Larry Harmon, is accused of laundering money and running a money transfer company without proper permits, the Ministry of Justice or DoJ, detailed on February. 13.

The 36-year-old resident of Ohio is said to have started Helix in 2014 and fully committed to the hay day of crypto in 2017. The DoJ explained:

“Helix functioned as a bitcoin” mixer “or” tumbler, “which allowed customers to send bitcoin to designated recipients for payment in a way designed to hide the source or owner of the bitcoin.”

According to the allegations, Harmon attracted users by pointing out the possibility of hiding money transfers from the government’s watchful eye. As part of his transactions, Harmon also operated a Dark Web search program called Grams.

Harmon’s alleged efforts naturally linked him to other Dark Web illegal immigrants. “Helix would have laundered hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal drug and other criminal profits for Darknet users around the world,” said assistant attorney general of the DoJ Brian Benczkowski criminal department in the statement.

IRS Criminal Investigation head Don Fort has added:

“The sole purpose of Harmon’s operation was to hide criminal transactions from law enforcement on Darknet, and because of our growing expertise in this area, he was unable to keep that promise. In collaboration with other sites, he wanted to” launder ” Being darknet, our investigators again played the role of criminal disruptors and unraveled the interconnected web from one tentacle to another. “

Costs include that Harmon’s Helix outfit has transferred more than 350,000 Bitcoin – worth more than $ 300 million at that time. The illegal entity also provided money laundering activities for users of AlphaBay, a much-visited Dark Web seller, detailed the DoJ.

However, the DoJ pointed out that the costs provided are still considered as alleged activities until definitive debt is proven.

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