Asian cryptoconferences are delayed due to Coronavirus reasons


A number of cryptocurrency-related conferences in Asia are being delayed in response to the regional coronavirus outbreak.

TOKEN2049, a major crypto event held annually in Hong Kong, is the newest event to postpone its conference. Originally planned for mid-March 2020, TOKEN2049 is now taking place instead of 7-8 October 2020.

The TOKEN2049 team has announced:

“In recent weeks we have been closely following the worldwide developments around the corona virus. Although Hong Kong manages the situation well and has taken strict precautionary measures to limit potential consequences, there is uncertainty. “

Hong Kong, which reportedly announced its plans to close border crossings with mainland China in a further attempt to control the deadly virus, experienced further uncertainty through local protests against the government.

As recently reported, a major start-up of local blockchain remissions, called Bitspark, abruptly announced its closure earlier this week, citing internal restructuring issues alongside coronavirus and political protests.

TOKEN2049 is not alone in postponing his event. On January 3, popular global crypto exchange Binance announced the delay of its Binance Blockchain Week Vietnam, which was originally scheduled from February 29 to March 4, 2020. Binance said it will refund registered guests and notes that a new date for the event will be announced later:

“We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the delay. If you have registered for the Binance Blockchain Week, you can receive a full refund through the event registration platform […] We will soon inform everyone about further updates about this event. “

At the end of January, another major conference, Blockchain Week 2020, Hong Kong, announced that the event scheduled for March 2020 will be postponed. The organizer of the event said they will make the new date public as soon as it is set.

Although the coronavirus outbreak has affected the crypto and blockchain industry, a number of people and companies in space have announced initiatives to tackle this rapidly expanding epidemic.

Developer of blockchain-compatible applications Acoer has recently launched a data visualization tool to track the deadly corona virus. To combat the epidemic, a blockchain-based platform called Hyperchain was launched in China, which serves as a portal for medical donations to support local hospitals. On February 5, an academic at the University of Hong Kong claimed that blockchain and AI-based technology could better address the coronavirus epidemic by providing transparent registration of donations.

Binpen CEO Changpeng Zhao previously announced that the grant promised to donate $ 1.5 million to help coronavirus victims in Wuhan, the epicenter of the corona virus outbreak in China.

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