Arvind Kejriwal had planned to become Punjab CM by causing infighting in AAP: Kumar Vishwas


Today, when Delhi goes to poll, BJP shared a video wherein AAP co-founder and former leader Kumar Vishwas makes an explosive new revelation about Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.

In a video clip going viral on Twitter, Kumar Vishwas is heard claiming that Delhi CM and AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal wished to become the chief minister of Punjab. And to fulfil his dream he conspired to create fighting amongst the Sikh leaders of his own party so that he could use the infighting to his advantage. He planned to leave Delhi and go to Punjab, said Vishwas in a shocking expose.

The former AAP leader speaks about a discussion between him and Arvind Kejriwal back in 2017, in which the party supremo expressed his desire to switch over to becoming Punjab Chief Minister, post winning 2017 Punjab Assembly election. Vishwas divulges that Kejriwal was confident of winning 90 seats in the Punjab Assembly election.

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“I am 200 per cent sure that Kejriwal wanted to become Punjab CM”, said Vishwas. Adding that when he questioned him regarding his plans, Kejriwal had disclosed that when Aam Aadmi Party wins 90 seats in the Assembly elections, then he would get the Bhagwant Mann group and the HS Poolka group to fight with each other.

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“If we could create a discord between the two factions, member of each faction would want their respective representative to become the Chief Minister. The Bhagwant Mann group will insist on Mann becoming the CM, while the Poolka group would want their head Pookla to become Punjab’s CM. This fight would continue for four to five days”, Vishwas said quoting Kejriwal. In that situation “you and Ashutosh go to Delhi as AAP’s representatives and give them an option of me becoming the CM. No one would object if my name comes up. Then I (Kejriwal), with a heavy heart would entrust Delhi’s responsibility on Manish (Sisodia) and leave for Punjab”, Vishwas quoted Arvind Kejriwal as saying.

Vishwas said that he had tried to convince Kejriwal that the Sikhs would not accept a non-turban as their CM and also that all the Hindu’s there are happy to work under the current leadership and nobody is yearning to take the CM position but Kejriwal was convinced to move ahead with his plan to become the next CM of Punjab post-2017 Assembly elections.

Much to Arvind Kejriwal’s disappointment, in the 2017 Punjab Legislative Assembly election, the Lok Insaaf Party and Aam Aadmi Party alliance, represented as AAP+, won only 22 seats out of the total 117 seats, 2 of which were won by the Lok Insaaf Party and the other 20 by the Aam Aadmi Party. Congress won the elections after bagging 77 seats and Captain Amarinder Singh went on to become the Chief Minister of Punjab.

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