API supply disruption a challenge; US, India need to address it: Pankaj Patel


New Delhi: The supply disruption of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) is not only posing a challenge for India but for the world due to dependency on China, and the problem needs to be addressed by the US and India, Zydus Group Chairman Pankaj Patel said Tuesday. Moreover to achieve the goal of a USD 5 trillion economy, India needs closer cooperation with the United States, he added.

“There is a kind of a challenge today regarding the APIs, as the whole world is depending on one source for a large number of APIs,” Patel said. So, there is a need to think about alternative sources of APIs. The cost disadvantage which we have in India has actually made our industry which was making it go out of business. So, we have to think of product incentive schemes to move forward, so we can come back again in that area. More important is that it is a problem which is a world’s problem,” Patel added.

The Zydus chief also said there should be a joint effort by the US and India to address this issue in terms of creating additional capacity to make sure that abundant supply of the essential medicines is there.

Patel asserted that there is need for closer collaboration between the US and India. “To achieve the goal of India becoming a USD 5 trillion economy, we need to have USD 1 trillion exports. To realise this target, the relations between India and the US have to go to the next level to make it happen.”

Patel also spoke regarding the impact coronavirus has had on the supply of APIs. “API consignments have started coming from north China and though the consignments from Wuhan area are still not coming, the situation is also likely to improve in next few weeks.”




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