Apart From Masakali, These 4 Badass Original Songs Were Ruined by Tanishk Bagchi’s Awful Remixes –


I pitch my original compositions whenever possible" - Tanishk ...

The Bengali music director Tanishq Bagchi has made many songs in the Bollywood industry. Some of his original ones are : Baarish from the the movie ‘Half girlfriend‘ , Title track of ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania‘ and many more , which proved to be a hit for him. But when it comes to the remake of songs , the director has disappointed many a times to the audience.

Today , we are presnting you the list some favourite songs , which Tanishq Bagchi has actually ruined , if we compare it to the original ones.

Let’s have a look:

1. Masakali 2.0

People gave a lot of criticism to the remake of the original version . With Masakali 2.0, he added a lot of lyrics which are not adding any great element to the song . People actually want some positive add-ons which can make song more peppy and worth listen but this remake proved to be a flop one .



2. Mere Angne Mein

This remake is actually a mess -up . God knows what came in his mind to create a pathetic version like this. In the original version , actor Amitabh Bachchan did full justice and people actually enjoy the original track till date.


3. Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagi

One of the melodious singer Phalguni Pathak is remembered for her soulful and peppy song at the same time . With those puppy love feelings and the great video , everything was superb. But when we talk about the remake of the song , it’s no more than shaking a pony-tail , what kind of choreography is this? This is the worst version of any song with unnecessary lyrics add-ons and pathetic story-line of the video.



4. O Saki Saki

The original song was performed by actor Koena Mitra and was a big hit of the time it was released. The original version is far better than the remade one. If the new version would have made as another song , Nora’s sensuous moves would be a great hit but this song couldn’t make that success which the original one did.



5. The Humma Song

The magical beats of A R Rahman just make people go crazy for the song and I must say , the original one. This song won many national awards and when Taishq Bagchi made it, it was not up-to that level that can be remembered by the audience for long time.


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