Anna University final year Semester Exams 2020 to be conducted online from July, more details below

anna university final year exams

The Anna University semester exams usually take place in March and April, and this year, due to the spread of coronavirus, exams were postponed indefinitely without announcing dates. Final year students who were anxious about their final exams as this would help them to join jobs or apply for post graduation studies.

Anna University plans to hold semester exams for the final year students by the end of July, as final year students are required to have their exams do to join further studies or job.

Accordingly, it is planned for the students to have their exams conducted online from home. The format for Anna University Online exams will be announced shortly.

According to Anna University sources, the time limit will be shortened to the usual 3-hour duration. The first year, second year and third year students have been told that they will not take the exam online and that they will take the exams directly with the advice and consent of the government after the coronovirus issue gets resolved.


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