An Artist Offered To Remove ‘Ex’ From Photos And Got Hilarious Requests



Ever wanted to remove your Ex’s picture from a memorable moment? Because when a beloved become an Ex, they may not turn into your enemy, also not in your friend list anymore. Remains as a stranger with some memories, which you do not want to cherish anymore! Specifically, when you want to keep a photograph from your favourite memory but without the Ex in it like a joyful trip, Graduation day, with your pet or from a get-together image. Well, there is no magical delete option to get the job done, all you got to do is to ask @hexappeal to get your job done for a perfect Ex removal photo.

Hexappeal offering the service of removing Ex from a photo to the followers from tweeter account. This post got a huge response in no time after posting the sample work of before and after images. @hexappeal is an artist and make-up enthusiast and her post of Ex removal retweeted 18,500 times, 162,000 likes, over 19,000 replies. With these amounts of response, the tweet post went viral on the platform.

With the post @hexappeal wrote, “for $10 i will edit your ex out of your photo serious inquiries only”.

Here are some of the satisfied clients with after images.


It seems this client is pretty satisfied with the after-image without her Ex in it.

Following user expressed his feelings of spending the best of $10 for the cause.

Looks like @hexappeal nailed the job

@haxappeal’s tweet post got many replies including hilarious like this one-

few of the followers trolled about the amount of $10 for the job asked by @hexappeal

Meanwhile, a Twitterati even edited the given images with her expertise for this work.











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