American Housewives Season 5 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast and Everything we know so far!


One of the biggest American sitcoms that has won many hearts is American Housewives. The fan base for the show is really huge which gives the makers the incentive to create more content. American Housewife still remains to be in the ABC line up due to this reason. The show is created by Sarah Dunn. American Housewife is the story of Katie Otto. She is an unapologetic mother who raises three confident flawed children in Westport.

The show has been nominated for a People’s Choice Award for Favorite New TV Comedy. It boasts of ten writers and the best part is it has five of male and the other five female writers.

American Housewives Season 4 premiered on September 27th 2019 and followed till January 17th 2020. Season 4 was meant to be a total of 22 episodes but due to the COVID-19 pandemic production was shut prior to the completion.

There has been no official announcement of Season 5 as of now but considering its loyal audience there is a high chance an announcement will be made soon.

Trailer of American Housewives Season 5

One of the very first shows on television to show the world what the life of a stay at home parent truly is, is American Housewife. The shows has for the longest time been fighting against one of the biggest problems that housewives face on a daily basis. Their daily efforts are considered to be inadequate and not helpful.

Somehow everyone else feels that the house and their families function automatically without the woman of the house striving day in and day out. The stereotype that surrounds women is that their life should revolve around their home and their children. They shouldn’t have any other opinions or concrete jobs that they are passionate about. Their whole life should revolve around the family.

Since there is no official release date of American Housewives Season 5, watch the trailer of American Housewives Season 4 here:

Plot of American Housewives Season 5

American Housewives is the story of Katie Otto. Her life resonates with so many people at so many levels which makes the story relatable. Katie lives with her husband and three children. Katie is surrounded by rather superficial mothers. They are wealthy, arrogant and glamorous which adds to their shallow nature. And above all they all pose to have the perfect offspring.

Katie knows for a fact that she can’t compete with them and it would certainly be a waste of energy to do so. Katie’s husband, Greg, is a university professor. He is sensible and in the crazy environment they live in he comes across as normal.

They have three children; their oldest Taylor is battling the teenager years, she wants to adapt to the changing times. Their middle child Oliver has ambitions but sadly can’t keep up to them. And their youngest Anna-Kat has OCD, obsessive compulsive disorder, for which she is called different.

Cast of American Housewives Season 5

The lead role of Katie Otto is played by Katy Mixon. She is a strong willed woman who lives in a wealthy part of town. She is raising three children with her professor husband. In the area she lives everyone puts up a show and shows off their perfect offspring. While Katie has three perfectly flawed children to offer. Katie is a stay at home mother and somehow finds herself at odds with the other mothers.

Diedrich Bader plays Greg Otto, Katie’s husband on the show. Meg Donnelly plays Taylor Otto. She is the eldest of the Otto children. She used to be a rather homely child but suddenly grew out of that phase and is all for rejuvenation. Daniel DiMaggio plays the role of  Oliver Otto, Katy’s son and Julia Butters plays the role of  Anna-Kat Otto, the youngest.

How to watch American Housewives Season 5?

American Housewives Season 4 aired on ABC and it can be streamed on the ABC live website as well as Hulu. The same will go for American Housewives Season 5.



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