Allah has been delivering miracle food at Shaheen Bagh, claims a protester while talking to media


Aasif Toofani, a protestor at Shaheen Bagh has claimed that Allah miraculously sends food for the protestors sitting there, blocking roads as they protest against the passing of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). A video clipping of ABP News has gone viral on social media where Toofani claimed that the funds for the protests are also carried out by Allah.

At around 1:12 in the above video, Toofani says that he does not know where the money or the food comes from for the protests, but it just miraculously and naturally appears in the morning. “We just find all the material lying there miraculously. We just pick it up and distribute,” he says. To this, the journalist says that he wishes such miracle food appears across the world too.

The protestors at Shaheen Bagh in Delhi have been sitting on a dharna since over a month and a half now demanding roll back of Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). The CAA fast-tracks Indian citizenship for persecuted religious minorities in three neighbouring Islamic countries, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

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A group of protesters mostly comprising of Muslim women has been blocking a road in Kalindi Kunj area that connects Faridabad- New Delhi- Noida. This has led to traffic inconvenience, increasing travel time from 20 minutes to several hours.

In just a week, many incidents have surfaced which laid the secessionist agenda of the protestors was exposed. Earlier, a viral video had emerged which showed that these protestors were paid Rs 500-700 per day to ‘protest’. It is now sufficiently clear that this protest like all other anti-CAA riots, is anything but ‘organic’.

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