All The Best New Pop Music From This Week: Demi Lovato, Rosalia


The Grammys have come to a close and it was a big day for pop music. Breakout artist Billie Eilish took the prize in all four major award categories, Song Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year, and Best New Artist, and was the youngest artist to ever achieve the feat. While they may not be crowned Best New Artists, several musicians debuted entrancing new pop singles this week. Demi Lovato released the powerful track “Anyone” during her Grammys performance, Rosalía dropped a flamenco-inspired single, and Ali Gatie is making way for his highly-anticipated debut project.

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Rosalía — “Juro Qué”

Latin pop sensation Rosalía released the Flamenco-inspired groove “Juro Qué” this week. Spanish guitar and her wavering vocal delivery touch on the honest emotion in her songwriting. The singer released the track just ahead of her dazzling Grammys performance of the single and “Malamente.”

Demi Lovato — “Anyone”

Demi Lovato debuted “Anyone” in her emotional Grammys performance Sunday. A ballad speaking to her history of struggles with mental health and addiction, the track sheds light on the singer’s headspace just a few days before her 2018 overdose. Lovato leverages her powerful vocals to emphasize the track’s immensely personal lyrics.

Ali Gatie — “What If I Told You That I Love You”

Rising star Alie Gatie released the slow-burning single “What If I Told You That I Love You.” With gentle guitar strumming and a rolling beat, Gatie powerfully delivers his lyrics. “The worst feeling is not having the courage to tell someone you have feelings for them – and then by the time you gain the confidence, it’s too late because someone else did it and took your spot,” Gatie said in a statement. “That emotional rollercoaster of feelings is what this song is about.”

Alina Baraz — “Trust”

Whispering vocals melt over a dripping backbeat to craft the vibe-heavy single “Trust.” While Baraz released her latest project, The Color Of You, in 2018, the singer has remained relatively quiet. But “Trust” marks a new era for the singer, pivoting towards introspective songwriting.

Kiana Ledé — “Mad At Me”

Layered pounding bass denotes the warming crackling that opens Ledé’s latest single. With captivating lyrical delivery, the singer drops each line of the single carefully from her tongue. “Mad At Me” pulls from classic R&B influences, sampling Outkast’s hit “So Fresh, So Clean” at the chorus. But Ledé’s scaling harmonization and electronically-mixed beat add a refreshingly contemporary edge.

Mxmtoon — “Fever Dream”

19-year-old singer/songwriter speaks to the fever dream of a new romantic interest on her latest single, drawing inspiration from a “rollercoaster” chapter in her life. “You may not always know the outcome,” she said about the influence behind her track. “But trusting yourself, allowing yourself the opportunity to take risks, and the chance to face new challenges can be utterly rewarding. Much of my life since has felt like a fever dream, a blur of moments sometimes too grand to even comprehend, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Emma Gatsby — “Alone”

Emma Gatsby’s “Alone” marks a catchy single from the singer. Drums make up the majority of the track’s thumping instrumentals, but Gatsby’s lightweight vocals add dimension. “With ‘Alone,’ it was so honest, it was almost like I was just writing a journal entry instead of lyrics,” Gatsby said in a statement. “The feeling came first and then the words came from there. Anything that feels forced is going to sound forced so I try not to do anything that feels like trying.”

Ren — “New Way”

Ren is already making a name for herself ahead of her upcoming debut EP, Teenage Angst. And “New Way” is a delicious taste of the debut effort. Ren’s honest and captivating vocals narrate the song’s snapping backbeat, telling a story of forbidden teenage love.

R3HAB — “More Than Ok” Feat Clara Mae and Frank Walker

R3hab, Clara Mae, and Frank Walker teamed up for the high-energy single “More Than Ok.” R3hab’s pumped-up instrumentals complement the song’s confident theme. “‘More Than OK’ is a reminder to never settle for less than what you want in life and in love. You want every day to feel special, and love like every day is your last.” Mae said in a statement.

Prep — “Over” Feat. Anna Of The North

Prep offers bright synths and funky bass to pop music with “Over.” Drawing influences from ultimate dad rockers Steely Dan, the group’s smooth craftsmanship embellishes the mesmerizing track. The instrumentals are complimented by Anna of the North’s soaring vocals. “There’s so much character in her voice — even the breaths, all the little noises round the edges of the singing — you know straight away it’s her,” the group said of Anna in a statement.

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