Alexa and Katie Season 5 Release Date: Is the Show Renewed or Cancelled?

alex and katie season 5 release date

Netflix is on a rampage with its releases this June. One of Netflix’s beloved high school tween drama, ‘Alexa & Katie’ concluded with its season finale episode for ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 4. ‘Alexa & Katie’ premiered in March 2018 and it received several accolades for its content in the last three seasons.

The show revolves around Alexa and Katie (ofcourse) and Alexa’s life and her battles against cancer. Katie provides Alexa with all the emotional support she needs. With the Season 4 of ‘Alexa & Katie’ released in Netflix this week, the speculations around the possibility of ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 5 is buzzing question at the moment.

‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 5 Release Date: Cancelled or Confirmed?

‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 4 released on Netflix on the 12th of June 2020. ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 4 consisted of eight episodes. ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 4 proved its binge worthiness yet again.

‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 4 concluded with the two lead casts graduating out of senior year. ‘Alexa & Katie’ are going to part ways as they commence their respective journeys into college life. ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 4 ends on a conclusive note which means that ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 5 is cancelled.

Yes, you heard it right. ‘Alexa & Katie’ is not renewed for another season on Netflix. Paris Berlec and Isabel May confirmed in their interviews to Seventeen that ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 4 will be the series finale and there won’t be a continuation in the story.

Isabel May, who played the role of Katie said “Alexa & Katie was not only fun and welcoming, it was a project I had a really hard time letting go. Everyone on set from writers to makeup and hair, grips, production, cast…we are all a true family. These final episodes are touching and fulfilling. Thank you for the experience and the memories I will never forget. I am so grateful to have been your Alexa.”

‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 5 was a possibility if the makers and Netflix decided to extend the show into their adult lives. Unfortunately, for the fans of ‘Alexa & Katie’, the journey ends with Season 4. ‘Alexa & Katie’ Season 5 wont be releasing as a part of the series.


  1. i had a really fun time watching alexa and kaite and at the end of season 4 i cried and that is something i usually don’t do, but i really hope that there will be a season 5 cause that was like a life lesson and it really changed who i was and who i am now

  2. Please be a season 5 dont do what girl meets world did and not renew it for their college years so please do a season 5

  3. Please continue it. we want to see what happen. do you know what the impact for me. i cried for 4 days because it was ending. it told me to not let anything knock you down. i have my own katie and you losing that really hurts my heart. without Alexa and Katie, i would had lived in depression for the rest of my life. you might think it’s not important, but it is to me and some other people. this is the reason i am still living. so if you take that from me, i will die. i will no longer live. so please, don’t take my life living show away from me.

    love cleo<3

  4. I watched all of the episodes it was amazing alexa and katie is my favorite show on netflix it was amazing and I what you to have a season 5

  5. can you please have a season 5 please it reminds me of who i am inside and i wont have any of hard feelings please have a season 5 please

  6. please when i watch season 4 i cried for like for ever i need a season 5 please please please if not i will never watch netflex agian i need them

  7. Ok I really want a season 5! I LOVED it and it was the best show! They need to come out with season 5! Pleassssssssssssssssssse! Thanks you!


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